Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 01 | Page 21

LATEST INTELLIGENCE usually seen as having a higher priority than cybersecurity. • Increased connectivity – Manufacturing processes need to interact with objects and environments on a global scale and systems used in Smart Manufacturing need to enable collaboration • IT/OT convergence – Industrial control systems are not isolated islands anymore. Blending with IT networkenabled organisations has simplified the management of complex environments. It has also introduced new security risks and managing IT/OT integration has become a significant challenge. Insecure network connections (internal and external), utilisation of technologies with known vulnerabilities that introduce previously unknown risks into the OT environment, and insufficient understanding of requirements for ICS environments are areas of concern. Holistic security practices must also cover digital twins and actual physical implementation. • a considerable challenge as most systems of this type were not designed with cybersecurity in mind and thus vulnerabilities in this hardware are becoming more and more common. • Processes – In addition to the large attack surface in terms of connected devices, a multitude of complex processes involved in Smart Manufacturing should also be considered. Management of processes with cybersecurity in mind poses a challenge for Industry 4.0 companies, especially since functionality and production efficiency are Download whitepapers free from INTELLIGENTCIO 21