Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 01 | Page 26

TRENDING replace in-person communications, I have actually found that I talk to my direct reports more often as we work from home. There have definitely been some silver linings as we get creative on staying connected. The next leap for IT I’m incredibly proud of how my team responded to the crisis. But I’m also proud of the IT industry – CIOs and their teams have all but kept the world running through the lockdown, while enabling Business Continuity, health care and other vital functions to continue. Out of our survey respondents, 88% felt that the role CIO/CTO is expanding to have greater impact in their organizations and across their industries. I agree fully. We live in unprecedented times, but I’ve learned that we’re stronger than we think we are. I work with an amazing team in an industry that’s changing the world. And I believe that there’s never been a better time to be in IT or a better time to transform. At the same time, CIOs are looking beyond their own organizations. More than ever, they are considering the impact they can have in their communities and in the world. There will be more challenges to come, no doubt. But I believe that the technologies will only get better and that continual transformation actually is the new normal. As IT professionals we are no stranger to change and much of this is a mindset shift as we reimagine IT. As we emerge from this crisis, we’ll need to apply the lessons we’re currently learning, as we prioritize the opportunities ahead of us. That will include new investments in talent and inventive solutions we haven’t even thought of yet. The possibilities are endless. In the end, I’m very optimistic as to where we can take IT – regardless of what the future may bring. • “ I’M INCREDIBLY PROUD OF HOW MY TEAM RESPONDED TO THE CRISIS. BUT I’M ALSO PROUD OF THE IT INDUSTRY – CIOS AND THEIR TEAMS HAVE ALL BUT KEPT THE WORLD RUNNING THROUGH THE LOCKDOWN. 26 INTELLIGENTCIO