Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 01 | Page 30

LATEST INTELLIGENCE INDIA Powermat Technologies has announced the expansion of the company’s offices into Gurgaon, India. The new office will support the company’s wide range of clients in all of India and will be spearheaded by Powermat’s newly appointed Regional Vice President, industry veteran Raj Caprihan. Located southwest of New Delhi in northern India, the new office will become an integral part of India’s largest financial and technology hub. The high-standard innovation and business talent that exists in India’s global technological ecosystem are among the company’s primary draws to the region. AUSTRALIA Goodworld, in partnership with Mastercard and World Vision Australia, has announced that its donation technology, “#donate” will launch for the first time in Australia. Goodworld is a leading technology company that pioneers innovative ways for charities and businesses to drive donations and revenue. #donate enables donors to send instant donations and non-profits to receive secure donations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the web. World Vision Australia will integrate the technology into a series of digital campaigns with an aim of building awareness and engaging and educating donors on #donate. LATEST REGIONAL PROJECT UPDATE 30 INTELLIGENTCIO