Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 01 | Page 50

COUNTRY FOCUS: MALAYSIA “ SINCE WORKING WITH LOGRHYTHM, WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RAPIDLY IDENTIFY BEHAVIORAL ANOMALIES AND SIGNIFICANTLY ACCELERATE THREAT MITIGATION. organization needs to ensure that they can identify threats attempting to hide within that maze of information swiftly. With LogRhythm’s RespondX, UDA was able to streamline the investigation and mitigation of threats by co-ordinating and automating as many steps in the response workflow as possible. This means greater efficiency and speed in detecting and responding to anomalous activity, thus minimizing damage to the business. Coupled with having full visibility on the origin of attacks and security environment, the UDA team found additional value in the platform, which served as the central repository for all associated evidence and case management. This immensely helped the UDA team’s time management on tracking and remediating cases, as they were able to view a real-time news feed of all completed actions associated with a timestamp for each case. In fact, by aligning their processes with LogRhythm NextGen SIEM, the team was able to cut down on mean time to detect and response times from between 48 and 72 hours to just under 30 minutes. Orchestrating workflows intelligently and swiftly The adoption of LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM solution has strengthened UDA’s ISO 27001:2013 certification application, which is now in process. It covers various areas in incident response and information integrity through a unified hub orchestrating workflow. The positive results and achievements with LogRhythm have led to UDA placing the platform at the center of its security IT universe, with the IT team looking at closer collaboration efforts for a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and the possible inclusion of cloud deployment. Norli Shariffuddin, UDA Holdings Group Information Technology Division (GITD) Assistant Vice President 1 – IT Compliance Manager, said: “As we handle sensitive customer data, we are faced with the challenge of addressing the ever-growing burden of IT compliance and ensuring that it’s sustainable for the company. As such, we believe it was time and necessary to rethink our compliance strategy such that efforts continue to serve the company’s wider strategic objectives. “Since partnering with LogRhythm, we have not only streamlined our regulatory and IT compliance processes, but also 50 INTELLIGENTCIO