Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 01 | Page 53

FEATURE: DATA CENTERS Customer service is the key to continuity in the era of disruption Customer service must be engrained into every facet of the date center providers’ industry. Hiroshige Sugihara – Head of APAC, Colt DCS, explains how companies can ensure continuity in the era of disruption. In APAC and across the globe, we are seeing businesses and enterprises step up their cloud and IoT adoption to achieve unsurpassed levels of digitisation and connectivity. As data center providers, our mission is to ensure we stay ahead of the huge data demands created by modern information technology. However, meeting demand for capacity is but one piece of the puzzle. Along with increased capacity, modern customers expect unparalleled levels of flexibility and reliability. As such, customer service and collaboration shouldn’t just be a ‘nice to have’ but must be engrained into every facet of the services we provide. Growth like we’ve never seen before When it comes to providing data center services for the modern enterprise, hyperscale is the name of the game. Meeting business demand requires data center facilities to grow as customers grow and this means data centers are now larger than ever. INTELLIGENTCIO 53