Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 18 - Page 53


Powering Japan ’ s digitalfirst future with multi-cloud connectivity

Equinix has announced the opening of a new International Business Exchange ( IBX ) data center in Osaka .

With an initial investment of US $ 55 million , the state-of-the-art facility , dubbed OS3 , enables enterprises in the Kansai region to harness Platform Equinix to build future-proof hybrid multicloud architecture and go digital-first in the new era .

According to the Global Interconnection Index Volume 5 ( GXI Vol . 5 ), a market study published by Equinix , overall interconnection bandwidth in Osaka is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate ( CAGR ) of 50 % to 110 Terabits per second ( Tbps ) from 2020 to 2024 .
In recent years , Osaka has been emerging as a new regional center for major cloud service providers ( CSPs ) to improve their services and strengthen their presence in Asia-Pacific .
The metro has become a magnet for leading CSPs , including Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), Microsoft , Google and Oracle . As the shift towards hybrid multicloud continues , these major players are expected to keep scaling up their investments in the Kansai region to address the growing demands for high performance , consistency , security , resiliency and local data residency when it comes to cloud adoption .
From a vertical perspective , the hyperscale sector is expected to lead with the highest interconnection bandwidth locally , indicating major cloud service providers ’ continuously growing needs for interconnections .
With close proximity to major network providers located in the center of Osaka , OS3 offers a wide variety of network choices for cloud and content providers who want to be closer to the large user community in the Kansai area for metro redundancy and lower latency . It also offers direct connections to the large Kansai region , which consists of major cities including Osaka ,
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