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CASE STUDY to orchestrate it across the organization . This became especially important once we started bringing new digital assets to the business .”
Ampol implemented Boomi to replace what Hoare calls a ‘ spaghetti junction ’ featuring hundreds of onpremises , point-to-point integrations .
“ As well as connecting Ampol ’ s IT environment , Boomi feeds accurate information back into our enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) platform in near-real-time so it can be analyzed to inform business decisions – for example , fuel prices , stock levels and shipping activities ,” added Hoare .
“ With a single , automated platform handling information anonymously , our people can get on with their jobs .
“ We don ’ t need to think about how the data got there , whether it ’ s reliable or protected , or if there could be missing pieces .”
Ampol has built and launched a suite of core reusable integration services with Boomi that have been repurposed hundreds of times , enabling critical business functions and linking core business applications , including the ERP platform , customer relationship management ( CRM ), point-of-sales ( POS ) and supply chain systems .
With a two-tier architecture stack and Boomi ’ s low-code design , Ampol is enabling a common cybersecurity framework to be easily maintained and implemented , while also allowing for more rapid development of integration services .
“ The Boomi AtomSphere Platform is our data gateway ; it ’ s the single entry and exit point for Ampol data , which promotes security because we aren ’ t forced to make Swiss cheese from our corporate firewall ,” said Hoare .
One of Ampol ’ s first Boomi projects was to implement an integrated bulk fuel ordering process for its commercial fuel customers . This process has walready been reused over 60 times and is enabling supply chain deals to be delivered reliably against tight timeframes .
“ Boomi ’ s reusability and service-driven architecture has helped us deliver new services to stakeholders much faster , reduced integration costs and increased reliability as we ’ ve eliminated extensive manual data entry from our employees ’ workflows ,” said Hoare .
He continued : “ In another example , the on-going administration and logistics behind our rebrand to Ampol required significant updates to site information to ensure all data points are accurate . Boomi provided a single , reusable master data service that didn ’ t require any manual re-entry at any stage of the Location Master project . The data could be maintained once , extracted , and then , using APIs , securely transmitted to the correct endpoints – whether it ’ s the Ampol FuelPay mobile app , Google Maps or the Site locator on the Ampol public website .”
Ampol also leveraged Boomi to efficiently onboard vendors from various EDI gateways on to a single EDI provider for more streamlined procurement of merchandise for its retail network .
Additional outcomes include :
• Simplified compliance and reporting : Various Australian state governments require fuel retailers to report changes within prescribed timeframes . Using Boomi , Ampol set up automated processes to relay near-real-time data from the field into a specialist pricing modelling engine to allow compliance to the price reporting regimes to be monitored with confidence .
• Decommissioned on-premises legacy middleware platform : Now that the cloudbased Boomi AtomSphere Platform has improved connectivity across the enterprise , Ampol could decommission its legacy on-premises middleware platform – another step in its journey to shift all
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