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Pre-Built Industrial IoT Solution
Make vs . Buy
a Build-Your-Own and
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Executive Summary
The industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT ) is ushering in a new era of manufacturing – one that is centered around using data to create actionable insights that grow competitive advantage . As more advanced IIoT software and hardware continues to be developed , industrial leaders need to consider how best to position their organization to benefit from this innovation . Organizations can either build an IIoT platform or leverage a ready-made solution .
In this paper , we will discuss the growing impact IIoT is having on the global manufacturing industry , including the advantages of adopting smart manufacturing and using digital twins across the complete lifecycle of product design , manufacturing and service . Subsequently , we investigate the challenges of building your own IIoT platform and explain how MindSphere ®, a leading industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens on Microsoft Azure , directly


addresses those challenges . We then provide industry examples to demonstrate the potential value an IIoT solution backed by Microsoft and Siemens offers industrial organizations .
How IIoT is Reshaping Global Manufacturing
IIoT is helping organizations build and grow competitive advantages with greater operational efficiency , better customer experiences , new revenue opportunities and more . IIoT enables these advantages by allowing manufacturing organizations to capture , analyze and visualize key operational data and apply computing capabilities via connectivity across products , plants , systems , and machines . By integrating data from physical assets and enterprise systems , companies have unprecedented visibility and control over their production environments . This data , along with an IIoT solution , create the basis for continuous closed-loop feedback within the digital
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