Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 25 | Page 41

Across all countries , respondents believe banks are the financial institution most responsible for preventing fraud , when asked about their experiences using payment networks including Visa and Mastercard .
In most countries , consumers see banks as the most responsible financial institution for preventing fraud , with a higher percentage in Brazil , while in Japan , payment networks were the financial institutions most likely to blame . In China , respondents registered the highest percentage of consumers who think government regulators are most responsible for preventing fraud .
In the US , nearly one-quarter of all respondents ( 22 %) are not confident in their bank or credit card ’ s ability to handle fraudulent charges or suspicious activity , not nearly as much as Japan , where almost one half of respondents claim to not have faith in their financial institutions .
One quarter of Americans ( 25 %) report spending less than an hour a year checking their accounts for fraudulent activity – while more than two out of five US consumers ( 44 %) spend fewer than 10 hours per year checking their banking accounts .
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