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Atturra and Berger-Levrault support Australian and New Zealand higher education institutions

Atturra has announced that it will partner with international software publisher , Berger-Levrault Group , to distribute and provide implementation services across Australia and New Zealand for the company ’ s Infosilem software suite dedicated to schedule and campus management in university and vocational education settings .

Mark Dacey , General Manager , Education – Business Applications , Atturra
The addition of Infosilem software to its higher education solutions portfolio will further accelerate Atturra ’ s momentum in the delivery of comprehensive ERP student management solutions and consulting services .
Atturra has delivered effective student endto-end outcomes with proven processes honed from technology deployments across more than 30 higher education institutions across Australia .
Infosilem enables colleges and universities to produce better student and faculty schedules , while optimizing campus operations and resources . Higher education institutions also benefit from automated and simplified creation of course schedules while efficiently managing all event bookings as well as room and seat utilization throughout a campus .
It includes functionality such as course demand analytics and robust reporting which ensure a quality schedule and permit successful student registration .
As Berger-Levrault ’ s first distribution and implementation services partner in Australia and New Zealand , Atturra will support institutions to define their requirements , configure the Infosilem software and ensure successful adoption all with the aim of providing greater scheduling visibility and improving efficiency .
“ In seeking partners , Atturra looks for vendors with the same philosophies and vision as our own placing clients and users central to our approach and this is what makes Berger-Levrault a perfect fit ,” said Mark Dacey , General Manager , Education – Business Applications , Atturra .
“ The company employs scheduling practitioners as well as specialists in other complimentary areas to ensure their solutions are robust and up-to-date .
“ Indeed , with a practitioner led approach to working with clients and around 150 years of scheduling experience between the Atturra Scheduling Practice team and the team at Berger-Levrault , we now look forward to leading higher education institutions through change and continual improvement as well as bringing scheduling and resource booking solutions to the region .”
Berger-Levrault and Atturra will work together on an on-going basis to ensure the Australian market remains competitive and relevant through on-going improvement strategies including research and development , feedback from customers and understanding of learning delivery to ensure timetables are agile to be responsive to the learning and delivery needs of students and academics .
“ We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Atturra ,” said Tugdual Le Bouar , Chief Operating Officer of the Berger-Levrault Group . “ Their understanding of the industry , their strong local footprint , the extremely high level of competency demonstrated by their staff and our shared values are key factors that bode well for our combined forces to establish a strong presence in the Australian market .”
Atturra ’ s partnership will Berger-Levrault follows the recent announcement earlier this year of a partnership to develop consultation and implementation services capabilities for Tribal Group ’ s Semestry ’ s TermTime , ExamTime and MyTimetable solutions from Semestry for customers across the region . p
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