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Proofpoint reveals top universities at risk from cybercriminals

Proofpoint ’ s research found that 97 % of the top 10 universities across each country are not taking appropriate measures to proactively block attackers from spoofing their email domains , increasing the risk of email fraud .
Universities in the US are most at risk with the poorest levels of protection , followed by the UK , then Australia .
These findings are based on Domain-based Message Authentication , Reporting and Conformance ( DMARC ) analysis of the top 10 universities in each country . DMARC is an email validation protocol designed to protect domain names from being misused by cybercriminals .

Proofpoint has released new research which found that the top universities in Australia , the US and the UK are lagging behind on basic cybersecurity measures .

The report states this is subjecting students , staff and stakeholders to higher risks of email-based impersonation attacks .
It authenticates the sender ’ s identity before allowing a message to reach its intended destination . DMARC has three levels of protection – monitor , quarantine and reject , with reject being the most secure for preventing suspicious emails from reaching the inbox .
“ Email authentication protocols like DMARC are the best way to shore up email fraud defenses and protect students , staff and alumni from malicious attacks ,” said Steve Moros , Senior Director , Advanced Technology Group , Asia Pacific and Japan at Proofpoint .

Singtel 5G network surpasses 95 % nationwide coverage

Singtel has announced it has achieved over 95 % standalone 5G nationwide coverage in Singapore .

This comes more than three years ahead of the regulatory target of 2025 , effectively making Singapore one of the first countries to be fully covered by standalone 5G .
“ We ’ re extremely excited about this important milestone for both Singtel and Singapore as nationwide standalone 5G coverage is a major leap in technology that will spur unprecedented digitalization ,” said Yuen Kuan Moon , Singtel ’ s Group Chief Executive Officer .
“ Despite disruptions from COVID-19 and the knock-on impact on manpower and resources , our planners and engineers managed to accelerate our 5G deployment , working through the pandemic to lay the groundwork and build a whole new infrastructure for a secure and resilient 5G network .”
Singtel ’ s standalone 5G network now covers more than 1,300 outdoor locations and over 400 in-building – as well as underground – creating immense opportunities for the development of ground-breaking applications and immersive experiences for both enterprises and consumers .
Singtel was officially awarded the 3.5GHz and the millimeter wave spectrum as part of the 5G licence issued by the IMDA in June 2020 and an additional 2.1GHz spectrum in November 2021 , which supported the achievement of this critical milestone .
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