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FEATURE : ANALYTICS FEATURE : us to assign team members to more important work ,” Stirling said . in country , and all support services and support staff based in Australia .
ServiceNow replaced a variety of systems and processes , including IT software that was nearing end of life , while other teams had used a mixture of tools to manage requests . The new platform consolidates the functions into a single portal , giving employees one place to make requests and to access a range of corporate services . Requests are now automatically routed to the right teams and individuals , eliminating a manual reviewing and sorting process . The portal enables real time visibility on the status of requests , and the ability to track and measure performance analytics . It also provides self service capability , a virtual agent to assist with enquiries , and a knowledge base of articles , making information easy to find .
The new portal for DISER went live late last year . In the month of March 2022 , there were 2,300 knowledge article views and more than 6,500 self service requests , with just 164 requests lodged via email . Over 500 virtual agent conversations were also completed . The ServiceNow Protected Platform is run on Microsoft Azure , and was built to be compliant with regulation governing data sovereignty and security – meeting IRAP requirements for sensitive government data handling at the protected classification level . This means the agency can access the full range of cloud solutions built on the Now Platform , with all data kept
Sonia Eland , Lead ServiceNow Partner , Deloitte Consulting , said : “ The team at DISER considered user experience to drive adoption of new services , as well as an implementation approach that would deliver business value early and often . With this in mind , they took a best in class approach to the project , by engaging employees early in the change process , implementing out of the box functionality and adapting processes to best suit the new system .
“ Through its new engagement portal and then progressively adding features like virtual agents , together with shutting down old inboxes and manual tools , DISER has reaped the rewards with near total adoption across a large workforce , delivering significant efficiency gains across multiple teams and functions .”
Mike Bennet , Managing Director , BT Automation , said : “ Our long history working with Government means we have a deep understanding of public sector requirements and ways of working , which was crucial to completing such an extensive implementation so rapidly . The strong collaboration between all parties and the complete focus on driving positive outcomes for the department has led to multiple benefits and rapid time to value .” p
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