Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 26 | Page 49


• Detect and resolve information leakage across the application and cloud ecosystem .
• Facilitate an evolution from legacy systems that are unable to meet the growing demands and expectations of the market .
• Establish unified security standards and security control points for more than a thousand functions across multiple web applications , mobile applications and APIs .
• Support compliance requirements of the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas ( Central Bank ) and PCI-DSS certification .
By shifting to a cloud-native architecture , we could generate greater business value and deliver on customer expectations more quickly . “ Going serverless enables us to run our new Bayad applications smoothly ,” explains
Lawrence Ferrer , President and CEO , “ paving the way to an improved payment experience for Filipinos as they continue to navigate their way in the new normal .”
The evaluation
When evaluating potential tools to overcome Bayad ’ s challenges and elevate its standard for cloudnative security , stakeholders from the cybersecurity department identified solution requirements and selection criteria . These included :
• Security controls that support automation across agile DevOps workflows and cloud-native development pipelines .
• Extensive integration support for a variety of Amazon tools and services , including AWS
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