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CASE STUDY environment complications and navigating the many wonderful heritage and indigenous sites near and around wharves .
Tim Crouch , Managing Director , Australian Sentinel
Overall , how would you sum up the performance improvements delivered to you by 5G as compared to 4G ?
The 5G Innovation trial has highlighted that 5G is far superior when compared to the current 4G solution . We measured and recorded improvement in latency , bandwidth , speed , packet loss , WAN uptime as well as signal strength and quality .
Do Cradlepoint R1900 5G Ruggedised Routers meet your requirements for the level of durability required by ocean-going vessels ?
Yes they do . The Cradlepoint R1900 Series router was built from the ground up to handle high-performance mobile 5G connectivity and Edge Computing . Purposebuilt to withstand extreme environments , the R1900 is an all-in-one mobile networking solution ideally suited for installations within a wide range of vehicles .
Cradlepoint NetCloud provides connectivity , network , security , location and IoT services to connect
everything in the vehicle , while providing access to IT for remote management , troubleshooting and analytics . When coupled with the Advanced Mobile Performance service plan , you gain full suite of security and AVL capabilities including threat management , web filtering , application visibility , analytics and advanced GNSS / GPS functionality including location tracking and cellular coverage maps .
Tim Evans , Regional Sales Manager , APAC Cradlepoint
With NetCloud Manager offering prebuilt connectors that share location data with popular fleet management solutions , how does this provide more flexibility to customers than a onesize-fits-all approach ?
Cradlepoint isn ’ t a one-size fits all solution , we offer prebuilt connectors , open APIs and SDK to allow customers to choose how and what they connect their fleet to . In addition to the Geo View Dashboard that comes pre-built with NetCloud Manager , customers can share their location data through via APIs and have the option of using pre-built connectors or with their own tools to connect to those APIs .
For Transdev Sydney Ferries , further integration is being analyzed and planned as part of FY23 portfolio of works . p
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