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MSAR selects Ciena to bring unmatched connectivity speeds and capacity across Malaysia

MSA Resources ( MSAR ), a telecommunications infrastructure provider based in Peninsular Malaysia , has selected Ciena to help build its Digital Super Highway Network .

MSAR will leverage Ciena ’ s 6500 , WaveLogic 5 Extreme ( WL5e ) coherent optics and Manage , Control and Plan ( MCP ) domain controller to reach data transmission speeds of 800Gb / s line rate and total network capacity of 33.6Tb / s per fiber pair .
With more than two decades of experience in the telecommunications sector in Malaysia , MSAR is building the foundation upon which upcoming technologies such as 5G can be implemented , including connecting key data centers , submarine cable landing stations and international borders through its fiber optic networks . demand , not just in Malaysia but also regionally . This game-changing offering will also be attractive to over-the-top players and international carriers .”
Together with CommVerge Solutions , a leading technology and business solutions integrator , MSAR is set to deploy Ciena ’ s WL5e programmable 800G transponder platform , enabling the speedy transfer of large amounts of data over a resilient and software configurable network .
WL5e provides a step-function improvement in network performance and economic benefits , doubling wavelength capacity and halving space or power requirements compared to previous technology generations , enabling MSAR to deliver bestin-class connectivity in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner .
Ciena ’ s MCP domain controller can also provide MSAR with analytical insights to optimize network performance , automatically enhancing the digital experience for consumers at any time even during peak periods .
“ The ability to power record-breaking capacities across long distances will help MSAR rapidly increase the reach of its network to more users and differentiate its service offerings ,” said Dion Leung , Regional Managing Director , Ciena ASEAN . “ We are creating a more robust and adaptive network that helps MSAR to unleash the limitless potential of digital connectivity in Malaysia .” p
To meet the goals of global hyperscalers for faster speeds , better reachability and increasing need for data capacity , MSAR is teaming up with Ciena to capitalize on its new fiber network to increase efficiencies and create a super resilient and scalable network .
“ Ciena ’ s coherent optical technology will bring unparalleled capacity , enabling the fastest transfer of data across the network . The Digital Super Highway Network will serve as a platform for the adoption of future technologies such as the Internet of Things ( IoT ), smart highways , 5G and more ,” said Saiful Husni Samak , Managing Director , MSAR .
“ We are very confident in our ability to address the needs of global hyperscalers , when our network can easily scale up to 800 Gbps and beyond with Ciena ’ s technology . We are set to deliver high quality services to cater to the growing
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