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To further drive this point home , when respondents were asked how their company prioritized data backup and protection as part of their organization ’ s security posture or response to a cyberattack , 54 % of IT decision-makers said it was a top priority and a crucial capability , while only 38 % of SecOps respondents said the same . will take place and their team will be blamed should any mistakes occur , 32 % are worried about paying ransomware , and 30 % fear people from both teams ( IT and SecOps ) will be fired .
“ This research pinpoints there is often a lack of collaboration between IT and security teams that we ’ re seeing across many organizations today ,” said Brian Spanswick , Chief Information Security Officer , Cohesity .
“ For too long , many security teams focused primarily on preventing cyberattacks , while IT teams have focused on data protection , including backup and recovery .
“ A complete data security strategy must bring these two worlds together – but in many cases , they remain separate and this lack of collaboration creates significant business risks and can put companies at the mercy of bad actors .”
A complete data security strategy must bring these two worlds together .
“ If SecOps teams are not thinking about backup and recovery and lack next-gen data management capabilities as part of an overall security strategy , that ’ s a problem ,” said Spanswick .
“ IT and SecOps teams need to collaborate before an attack takes place looking holistically across the NIST Cybersecurity Framework which includes five core capabilities : identify , protect , detect , respond , and recover . If they wait to collaborate until their data is hijacked , that ’ s too late and the results could be catastrophic for businesses .”
Eighty-three percent of all respondents ( 84 % of IT decision-makers and 81 % of SecOps respondents ) somewhat or strongly agree that if security and IT collaborated more closely , their organization would be better prepared to recover from cyberthreats including ransomware attacks . And , when respondents were asked what would give their organization greater confidence that they could recover business systems quickly in he event of a ransomware attack , 44 % of all respondents ( 49 % of IT decision-makers and 39 % of SecOps respondents ) said greater communication and collaboration between IT and security is key . p
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