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INFOGRAPHIC customer experience . Across ASEAN , 43 % said they apply observability to support Digital Transformation efforts to improve and gain a competitive advantage from the digital customer experience .
Peter Marelas , Chief Architect APJ at New Relic
Moreover , as ASEAN organizations race to embrace technologies like Blockchain , Edge Computing and 5G to deliver optimal customer experiences , observability supports more manageable deployment to help drive innovation , uptime and reliability . The 2022 Observability Forecast found :
• Only 35 % had achieved full-stack observability by the report ’ s definition ( the ability to see everything in the tech stack that could affect the customer experience ). Just 7 % had a mature observability practice by the report ’ s definition
• Over a third ( 39 %) said they still primarily detect outages manually or from complaints and most ( 83 %) used four or more tools to monitor the health of their systems
• Almost half ( 46 %) said they experience highbusiness-impact outages once per week or more and 39 % said they take more than an hour to resolve those outages
• Respondents surveyed in ASEAN predicted their organizations will most need observability for the Internet of Things ( IoT ), Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and 5G in the next three years
echoing what we are hearing from best-of-breed businesses in the field : that shifting left by embedding observability into all parts of the software lifecycle is a key contributor to engineering success ,” said Peter Marelas , Chief Architect APJ , New Relic . p
“ Asia-Pacific is home to a melting pot of different cultures and observability maturity levels . Despite many differences , findings in the forecast are
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