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protection tools would be unable to meet its longterm requirements .
“ Our recovery point objective [ RPO ] and recovery time objectives [ RTO ] are 30 minutes and five minutes respectively , but we were not confident we could meet those objectives during a disaster scenario ,” said Han . “ Our legacy backup solution also lacked the ability to protect our new hybrid cloud architecture , which is the future direction for our business . To reduce our risk and prepare for the next phase of our cloud journey , we looked for a fresh approach .”
The Veeam solution
After assessing various data protection vendors , Gemdale selected Veeam Backup & Replication : a comprehensive , enterprise-class backup solution .
powerful solution that is also simple to configure and maintain , which means we can keep our IT operations team focused on meeting our service-level agreements [ SLAs ] for RTO and RPO . The solution integrates seamlessly with both VMware and Azure , allowing us to back up hundreds of VMs effectively and efficiently – regardless of whether they are hosted on-premises or in the cloud .”
Gemdale currently has configured the solution to automatically create backups in multiple cloud and on-premises locations , reducing its RPO to 30 minutes and practically eliminating the risk of data loss in the event of an issue with its production environments . Crucially , moving to the Veeam solution has also empowered the company to accelerate its backup processes dramatically – offering the IT team peace of mind that it can meet its SLAs .
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“ The Veeam solution outperformed the competition in a number of areas that are very important to Gemdale ,” said Han . “ Veeam is a
“ During the proof-of-concept phase , we compared the new solution side-by-side with our legacy backup solution ,” said Han . “ We saw that the Veeam solution could back up a 1 TB VM in half the time it used to take – reducing the backup window from eight hours to just four hours . By accelerating
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