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Sapporo City selects Nutanix Cloud Clusters on AWS

Sapporo ’ s use of Nutanix Cloud Clusters to establish a hybrid cloud environment follows the modernization of its data center using Nutanix ’ s hyper-converged infrastructure solution .

Nutanix , a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing , and its partner iret , have announced that the City of Sapporo has deployed Nutanix Cloud Clusters ( NC2 ) on Amazon Web Services and selected Nutanix Flow Network Security to create the first hybrid cloud environment used by a local government in Japan .

Sapporo is the largest ordinance-designated city in Hokkaido with approximately 1.96 million people . It combines the functions of an urban city including buildings and residences with those of a natural city in the suburbs .
The Sapporo ICT Utilization Strategy was developed to help it to solve the issues it faces , promoting the elimination of labor shortages , productivity improvement and sustainable urban development through the active use of ICT .
The city first used a hyper-converged infrastructure ( HCI ) solution from Nutanix to modernize and improve the efficiency of its on-premises data center . Later , the need to renew its infrastructure while keeping costs down , as well as disaster preparedness and other considerations , made rapid procurement of flexible IT resources a challenge .
By selecting NC2 on AWS , it was able to create a hybrid cloud environment , including its modern data center , that will enable it to scale-up its IT , as needed , without significant expenditure .
NC2 on AWS has reduced Sapporo City ’ s IT complexity and operational burdens because it enables applications to be managed on-premises and in the cloud , on Amazon EC2 bare metal infrastructure , using a single interface .
This also resulted in Sapporo City ’ s smooth deployment without the impact that could have been caused by delivery delays if additional network equipment , servers , switches , etc . were needed due to the recent global shortage of semiconductors .
Currently , security-related workloads are being run in the cloud , and Sapporo City ’ s plan is to migrate its internal IT systems , portal and external websites to the cloud in the future .
“ We were commissioned by Sapporo City to add to the Nutanix HCI infrastructure that we had installed and maintained by building a hybrid cloud environment . We had a very tight deadline to meet , considering the migration of the systems that were already in place ,” said Satoru Isobe , Sapporo LA Sales Section at Otsuka Corporation .
“ With the support of Nutanix and iret , the NC2 on AWS environment was up and running in a short period of time , allowing for smooth operations throughout the entire project . We will continue to work closely with Nutanix and iret to provide better services to Sapporo City in the future .”
“ iret worked closely with Nutanix and Sapporo City to implement NC2 on AWS , which enables seamless connectivity between onpremises and cloud environments ,” said Hiroki Tachibana , Deputy General Manager of Cloud Integration Division at iret .
“ We also procured the necessary onpremises equipment , created a virtual private cloud ( VPC ) environment , provided the circuits that connect to the VPC , and procured various software licenses to smoothly construct a new environment with a hybrid cloud configuration . iret will continue to provide optimal solutions to customers who wish to configure a hybrid cloud , leveraging our extensive experience , know-how in cloud computing and partnership with Nutanix .” p
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