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CASE STUDY services , manufacturing and the information and communications industries .
“ Blue Bird is committed to putting safety and security at the heart of our business , from the consumer experience through to our IT ecosystem ,” said Sigit Djokosoetono , CEO at PT Blue Bird Tbk , part of the Blue Bird Group .
“ By adopting Darktrace ’ s AI , we have bolstered the ability of our security team to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape and are protecting our customers and employees from cyberthreats with cutting-edge technology .”


“ We are proud to protect Blue Bird Group , which provides vital transportation services to people across Indonesia ,” said Tony Jarvis , Director of Enterprise Security , Asia Pacific and Japan , Darktrace .
“ The transport sector is part of any nation ’ s critical infrastructure and disruption to the public ’ s ability to move around not only has knock-on effects for the economy but could threaten individuals ’ safety . Blue Bird is a shining example for the transport sector globally , prioritizing defensive technology that is designed to minimize cyber-disruption while keeping the lights on .”
We asked Sigit Djokosoetono , CEO at PT Blue Bird Tbk , further questions to find out more .
To what extent were cyberattacks increasing against your sector and what form were these attacks taking ?
Cyber disruption poses one of the gravest threats to our industry . Cyberattacks are growing in frequency and complexity across all sectors , particularly those where Digital Transformation projects are advanced .
We embarked on our Digital Transformation journey to ensure the upmost efficiency and value for our customers – but with this opportunity comes more risk . The rapid adoption of new technologies has intensified the pre-existing cybersecurity challenge : how do you secure your infrastructure when it ’ s constantly in flux ? How do you tell the difference between an employee trying to get their job done , and an attacker ?
While we ’ ve pivoted and shown flexibility in the face of change , so too have the attackers . We ’ ve seen an uptick in attacks targeting cloud and SaaS applications , for example . Phishing emails are becoming more realistic and more frequent . Ransomware remains a great risk and attackers are launching more automated and out-of-hours attacks than ever before .
How important was it for you to stop in-progress attacks while continuing normal business operations ?
In the service industry , reliability is paramount . That ’ s why we have been committed to putting safety and security at the heart of our business , from the consumer experience through to our IT ecosystem , throughout our 50 years in operation .
Threats are constant but we have to keep the lights on at all times for our customers . The real game changer here is Darktrace ’ s ‘ Autonomous Response ’ technology , Antigena , which takes targeted action to interrupt cyberattacks in seconds .
This enables the AI to react to cyberthreats without human intervention , while avoiding any disruption to the business . This creates a state of cyber stability for our business , making us confident that we can deliver our services to customers around the clock .
How impressed have you been by Darktrace Antigena ’ s AI performance ?
Antigena augments and uplifts our human security team by taking targeted action to contain breaches wherever they occur .
This aligns with our core goal to maintain business as usual in the event of a breach . Since adopting the technology we ’ ve seen a significant reduction in timeto-meaning when an incident occurs , because the AI takes on the role of first responder and allows humans to take on higher level strategic work .
Darktrace ’ s AI-powered email security solution , Antigena Email , has reduced our email threats – such as spear phishing and spoofing – by 95 % because it takes autonomous action to contain malicious emails
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