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Prior to the pandemic shaking up the way education is delivered across the globe , English Language Partners New Zealand ( ELPNZ ) had adopted Tribal Cloud Services as part of its student management system ( Tribal ebs ) delivery .

This enabled the language school ’ s small team to rely on a dedicated team of technical experts to help them with monitoring , upgrading and patching the system .
Jordi Cordwell , ELPNZ Business Analyst , said : “ ELPNZ doesn ’ t have a dedicated IT team in the way that some other institutions have . Pre-pandemic , ELPNZ did not offer any online classes to learners across our different centers . Then COVID-19 hit the world , and everything changed , including the way in which education is delivered and managed . been very adaptable and flexible during the pandemic which we ’ ve been super grateful for . I believe it would have been very difficult to achieve the same results with our old system .”
Pivoting with the restraints of the pandemic
With a sudden shift from face-to-face to online learning globally , a negative impact to the education market was bound to happen but surprisingly not for ELPNZ . With its system already set up in the cloud , they were in a good position .
“ I don ’ t think we would ’ ve considered online classes before the pandemic . We now have some learners who have only ever attended classes online ,” said Cordwell .
“ Having ebs in the cloud was a godsend during the pandemic . We transitioned to online classes very quickly and also changed some business processes which necessitated some adjustments within ebs .
“ These changes were able to be rapidly implemented and facilitated the management of our business through this changing environment . Tribal ebs has
The combination of Tribal Cloud Services and Tribal ebs provided several benefits , including :
1 . The ability to get set-up to work from home quickly . This would have been more difficult to achieve prior to moving to ebs as each of ELPNZ ’ s 22 remote centers had its own local database . With ebs in the cloud , every member of staff was
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