Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 28 | Page 83

Technology Business Management – a framework to understand your business better
TBM is a framework and discipline to capture the technology investments in an organization and connect them to business outcomes .
This methodology was developed by the TBM Council , a community of thousands of CIOs , CTOs and CFOs and is now adopted by enterprises in every industry , from banking to healthcare , manufacturing , government and more .
TBM looks at a company ’ s performance through several broad KPIs . Cost-for-performance KPIs help IT continuously improve the cost efficiency of its services while maintaining quality . Businessaligned portfolio KPIs enable IT to focus its time and resources on the services and applications that drive the most value for the business . Investment in innovation KPIs helps IT and its business partners to better govern and decide on the right level of project spending . Finally , enterprise agility KPIs facilitate the creation of a more agile cost structure for IT and accelerate effective decision-making .
It is important to note that TBM isn ’ t a checklist , but rather a business management process that grows as your organization grows . It is a moving target that needs to be consciously monitored .
The other thing to be aware of is that TBM isn ’ t a ‘ one size fits all ’ solution . Instead , it is an implementation
Given the benefits , it may not be surprising that 60 % of the Fortune 100 companies choose to use TBM solutions .
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