Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 30 | Page 48

As a provider of vital transaction processing and payments infrastructure , PT ALTO Network aims to ensure that its services are always available when customers need them . To achieve its vision of becoming the most reliable payment infrastructure provider in Southeast Asia , the company looked to Veeam for a way to accelerate backup and restore processes .

PT ALTO Network targets be availability with 90 % faster R

Jakarta at night , Indonesia capital city

If you use an ATM or POS in Indonesia , there ’ s a good chance that PT ALTO Network will process the transaction . For more than 25 years , the company has delivered ATM and POS switching services-and PT ALTO Network is now expanding its offering into digital / online payments processing .

“ As one of four domestic switching institutions or payment infrastructure service providers , we play a big role in the sustainability of the payment system in Indonesia , thus any downtime in our systems has a big impact on the Indonesian economy ,” said Hendri Desungku Wuntoro , IT Infrastructure Manager at PT ALTO Network .
“ For that reason , uptime is our top priority . Our longterm objective is to be the most reliable payment infrastructure company in Southeast Asia .”
PT ALTO Network relies on a hybrid cloud infrastructure consisting of virtual servers running on-premises and on Docker microservices running in the Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) cloud to underpin its services .
For high availability , the company operates separate primary and Disaster Recovery data centers , each configured with 15 bare-metal servers running 300 VMware virtual machines ( VMs ) for production services .
“ Our company is regulated by the Indonesian central bank , which means we have stringent service-level agreements [ SLAs ] for availability and data protection ,” said Wuntoro . “ Depending on the specific SLA , we back up our data daily , weekly or monthly .”
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