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Nokia deploys next-generation fiber technology for a smarter , faster and greener Australian National Broadband Network

Nokia and NBN , have announced the deployment of Nokia ’ s nextgeneration broadband platform and its Altiplano Access Controller , to deliver a smarter , faster and greener nbn network . The deployment is the first for the Lightspan MF- 14 in the Southern Hemisphere .

With unmatched capacity , space efficiency , low latency , intelligence , reliability and power efficiency , the MF-14 will help nbn address Australia ’ s broadband needs well into the future and help the company realize its Toward Zero Carbon Ambition .
Nokia ’ s Altiplano Access Controller is a Software-Defined ( SDN ) and Network Function Virtualization ( NFV ) tool used to drive greater automation and virtualization . It enables innovation in the way the network is managed with an open API to automate and program the network .
nbn recently welcomed the Australian Government ’ s commitment to invest an additional AU $ 2.4 billion to roll out more fiber to communities across Australia . The new investment will enable an additional 1.5 million homes and businesses currently served by Fiber to the Node ( FTTN ) to upgrade to Fiber to the Premises ( FTTP ). Coupled with the additional homes and businesses connected by fiber , nbn is evolving the FTTP technology platform to enable higher-speed services and has recently successfully completed lab evaluations of 25Gbps FTTP technology . online education , engage in telehealth consultations , stream entertainment and connect with friends and family .
nbn will be the first operator in the Southern Hemisphere to adopt the MF-14 platform following announcements by US and UK operators in October 2022 . Deployment will commence in 2023 .
“ Rapid technological advances will play a critical role in driving the economic prosperity of our nation and in enabling our transition to a smarter , digitally enabled economy ,” said Stephen Rue , CEO at nbn . “ By leading the deployment of this next-generation technology , we can help meet our nation ’ s data demands now and into the future .
“ Together with our network investment that is pushing fiber deeper into communities and extending fixed wireless and satellite coverage and capabilities , we are helping unlock social and economic benefits for households , businesses and communities across Australia .
“ More than 8.5 million households and businesses are connected to services over the nbn network – this equates to approximately 20 million people relying on our network every day .”
“ Nokia and nbn have been partners for more than 10 years and we ’ re excited to continue to support nbn in this next technological evolution , deploying more advanced and energy-efficient networking technology ,” said Ricky Corker , Chief Customer Experience Officer at Nokia . “ Using Nokia ’ s advanced fiber technology coupled with our network optimization and automation capabilities , Nokia and nbn can meet customer demand for a faster , smarter , greener broadband network today and well into the future .” p
Full fiber connections will help deliver faster broadband speeds , better reliability and energy efficiency , as well as support additional data capacity for the nbn network . These upgrades will help ensure eligible customers can more effectively work from home and operate online businesses , participate in
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