Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 32 | Page 21

• Need more power compared to other common IoT devices . Newer physical security and life safety devices often require Power Sourcing Equipment ( PSE ) and Powered Devices ( PD ) to be capable of 802.3bt power delivery standards up to 90 Watts . Here is a diagram showing two different PSE deployment methods with a TestPro acting as a powered device ( PD ) endpoint .
As mentioned previously , many physical security and life support devices have more demanding PoE requirements compared to others . Surveillance cameras , for example , often require extra power for heating elements , blowers and LED illuminators – all of which are enabled on an as-needed , intermittent basis . Thus , not only is the power draw requirement higher than most other PoE devices – the amount of power needed at any one time is unpredictable .
Common causes of PoE failures and their stakeholders
Because of the added demands of PoE , physical security and life safety devices often push beyond the limits of commonly installed twisted pair cabling such as Category 5e , Category 6 and low-quality or poorly installed / tested Category 6A cabling . p
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