Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 32 | Page 23



Mark Lukie , Director of Solution Architects – APAC , Barracuda , speaks to us about the company ’ s latest financial report , which highlights why Australian businesses in the banking sector need to take their cybersecurity more seriously .

Despite the current wave of cyberattacks targeting businesses , governments and individuals , there remains an alarming lack of awareness among many Australian employees of the risks they face .

The State of Cyber Resilience in Australia 2022 survey of Australian workers found the majority do not understand the threats that can exist within emails could unwittingly cause significant damage and losses to their organization . The survey results are based on responses from more than 500 staff in Australian organizations of at least 50 employees .
Of those surveyed , 60 % said they believed clicking on links contained in business emails was safe while more than half ( 52 %) admitted they would click on a link if the email appeared to come from a sender that they trusted .
When working from home , staff are no longer protected by corporate firewalls and other measures and are thus more susceptible to attacks .
The results are a wake-up call for FinTech firms and show there is a pressing need for more cybersecurity awareness training . Staff need to understand the dangers that can be contained within emails and the steps that should be taken to minimize risks .
The need for training has been made even more acute with the shift to hybrid working patterns in the wake of
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