Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 32 | Page 53


Fiji transforms its legal system ; Macau is set for a smarter future and New South Wales streamlines transport contracting


Three very different projects across the region demonstrate digital making a difference .
Fiji transforms its legal system with top Australian tech provider
Fiji ’ s Judicial Department has officially launched its transformational new e-filing and electronic case management system from top Australian technology provider ReadyTech .
The new solution is said to dramatically save time and reduce costs , ensuring Fiji is underpinned by a fair , just and efficient legal system .
Mr Kumar said his department was fully committed to the value of automating court operations .
“ The hallmark of a democratic society is the provision of access to justice to members of the general public .
“ The establishment of an electronic case management system embodies our aspiration to strengthen efficiency and accountability in the judicial system , underpinning both our strategic plan and the Government ’ s Digital and Transformation Program .
Fiji ’ s Chief Justice Kamal Kumar welcomed the improvement to its current system , which is increasingly facing challenges in supporting the processes and procedures for timely disposal of cases .
“ Our previous process of filing document after document before a case can be ready for trial is very time consuming and costly ,” he said .
“ Ready Case will improve the provision of efficient legal services and information , and establish a system for monitoring , analyzing and reporting on case trends to strengthen accountability and transparency in Judicial procedures ,” he said .
The solution , funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP , is also expected to contribute to the
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