Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 34 | Page 21

• Missing corporate devices : 32.07 %
• Legacy systems left unmonitored : 31.74 %
• Logistical challenges : 30.41 %
The lack of – or limited – visibility over their organisation ’ s estate is the root cause to many of the challenges organisations are facing . If there is no clear visibility over the IT estate , it is not possible to gain accurate intelligence about it , nor have any control over it . Only when visibility is clear , can intelligence be wrapped around the
“ known ” elements enabling positive controls to be put in place .
Visibility Roadblocks
Most security teams will be all too familiar with the common visibility roadblocks which typically stem from either too much , or too little , information . Intelligenceled visibility is about gaining insight and context that enables you to identify and prioritise the most important threats facing your business . p
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