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They ’ re frequently touted as game changing strategies that position organizations for improved performance and future growth . However , all too often , Digital Transformation projects can strike troubles which hinder progress and keep longer term goals out of reach .

Although the specific reasons why such strategies can be problematic will vary between organizations , there are some common steps that can be undertaken to get them back on track .
One way to help a faltering strategy is to identify whether there is a lack of essential skills or experience , which can be addressed by casting a wider net in their search for new talent , both internally and externally .
But sometimes it ’ s a matter of incentivizing your people . Do they know what ’ s in it for them ? Engaged teams will have a vested interest in the success of your Digital Transformation efforts , so share the expected benefits of your strategy and how you plan to achieve your objectives . with the strategic direction of the organization . Determine whether the strategy is meeting real-world requirements by encouraging feedback from those involved . Providing an anonymous option can help responders feel safe to speak their minds .
A close cultural fit over the longer term is also important . Most Digital Transformation projects end up being long-term initiatives that evolve as an organization grows and develops .
Bring back the true meaning of agility A third way in which a struggling Digital Transformation project can be helped is by being prepared to change direction as needed . Just because something made sound business sense 12 months ago doesn ’ t mean it has to remain set in stone .
The management team should undertake regular reviews and be prepared to alter the strategy if it ’ s clear that change is required . This will ensure the strategy continues to deliver maximum business benefits in the years ahead .
Many organizations will also find they need to make more use of low-code or no-code development tools . Many organizations are making progress on their Digital Transformation plans by acquiring a readybuilt solution that can deliver up to 70 % of the desired outcome . The remaining 30 % can then be augmented over time , utilizing existing contributors without overburdening them .
By undertaking these steps , the promised benefits of technology will be realized . Organizations can then confidently expect the investments they make in Digital Transformation to provide the required level of direction and support for their teams . p
Check the cultural fit
Digital Transformation goes way beyond simply the deployment of new technologies and platforms . The strategy must be closely aligned with the existing culture of the organization so that it becomes an integral part of daily operations . If problems are being experienced , review the fundamentals of the strategy and confirm that they are closely mapped
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