Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 34 | Page 43

Spark deployed a Mavenir 5G Standalone cloudnative core solution on AWS Snowball Edge , a device described as ‘ physically rugged ’ that provides Edge Computing and data transfer services .
This was pitched as Mavenir ’ s first global edge deployment on AWS Snowball Edge . latency and real time responsiveness . The proofof-concept work allowed Spark to experiment with how a highly customizable network can be sliced and adapted to evolving enterprise requirements – creating dedicated virtual networks with functionality specific to the service or customer over a common network infrastructure .
Using an AWS Snowball Edge device allowed Spark to create a highly portable edge solution that could literally fit into a suitcase – to process and store data close to where it ’ s generated , enabling low
Work done by NERA Economic Consulting predicts that the national rollout of 5G could add between NZ $ 5.7 billion and NZ $ 8.9 billion per year to the New Zealand economy over the next 10 years . p
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