Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 34 | Page 48

As boundaries between businesses blur , ambitious Korean telecom SKT launches a Digital Transformation bringing ‘ AI to Everywhere ’.

Accelerating AI innovation i

Sunset of Seoul City and Seoul Tower , South Korea

Fresh from unveiling ambitious plans to achieve AI to Everywhere , SK Telecom ( SKT ) is taking time out for coffee .

That ’ s coffee from SKT ’ s newly launched AI Barista Robot – an advanced coffee-making robot powered by AI , together with Doosan Robotics , a leading robot manufacturer in Korea .
More importantly , AI Barista Robot is designed to maximize the operational efficiency of coffee stores . Based on a data analysis platform , the AI analyzes sales status by menu / branch , raw material consumption and equipment status in real time – and notifies store owners via mobile app alerts . It can also be built with surveillance cameras to ensure a high level of security for unmanned stores .
AI Barista Robot was developed by combining Doosan Robotics ’ robot manufacturing and service capabilities and SKT ’ s advanced AI , Big Data and security technologies .
The robot can not only make around 20 different drinks , but also allows users to customize their coffee and is even capable of closing lids before serving .
By dramatically reducing the inconveniences store owners experience in unmanned operation of stores , AI Barista Robot is expected to help them manage and operate their stores with greater efficiency and ease around the clock .
SKT plans to promote the popularization of these AIpowered robots through diverse promotions
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