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Protecting the Allied Bank brand against previously unknown threats in the threat feeds and remediate those threats before they impact the business or our customers ,” said Ejaz .
Recorded Future gives the team visibility into its own digital attack surface , as well as relevant attacker behavior from around the globe , within a single platform . Using SecOps Intelligence , the Allied Bank team also integrates Recorded Future ’ s Intelligence to augment their SIEM data and workflows . This allows them to quickly identify and respond to anomalous behavior of which they were previously unaware .
“ There were a lot of threats , a lot of anomalies , which were unaddressed and were unknown to us . Because of the timely threat intelligence , and because of the digital risk protection intelligence which we got from Recorded Future , we ’ ve been able to keep up with those threats and we have direct visibility into those threats now ,” Ejaz added .
For example , the team discovered typosquats that could be used by threat actors to execute phishing attacks , as well as detect the presence of highprofile credentials on the Dark Web . The team also detected and responded to malicious hashes , indicators of compromise and command and control communications – all within the span of the first four months using Recorded Future .
Faster and smarter threat hunting
In addition to enabling the team to remediate previously unknown threats , Recorded Future empowers Allied Bank ’ s team to reduce risk more efficiently and effectively . “ Threat hunting has become very fast and easy with Recorded Future . We can search our environment for malicious activity and IoCs
The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform includes dynamic risk scores and access to key evidence , eliminating the need to manually correlate data and prioritize security issues . This is done automatically , freeing the team to detect , assess and respond to the threats that pose the greatest security risk with speed and confidence .
In turn , the team has become faster and smarter . “ The capacity of the team has been enhanced because of Recorded Future ’ s huge knowledge base . I think the team has learned a lot in the time that we have been using Recorded Future ,” Ejaz added .
With Recorded Future , the team has the tools it needs to proactively remediate threats and manage risk . “ The visibility we get into our attack surface and the massive knowledge base available with Recorded Future are incredibly valuable to us . We cannot imagine a security operations center at Allied Bank without Recorded Future .” p




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