Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 34 | Page 82


Finding clarity in the noise : Visibility and AI in an age plagued by security threats

Chris Fisher , Director of Security Engineering , Vectra APJ , outlines the ‘ unknown threat ’ that poses the greatest cybersecurity risk to organizations and government entities in Australia and New Zealand .

Security breaches and incidents are occurring with alarming regularity . The big name breaches reported in the media represent only a fraction of the actual number of breaches taking place . Recently , for instance , Latitude Financial , a major financial services provider operating across Australia and New Zealand released details of a cyberattack and data breach that has impacted 225,000 of their customers .

If we are to keep our people and systems safe , we must adopt a ‘ not if , but when ’ mindset and take steps to improve clarity of understanding and efficiency in catching and responding to threats .
Today ’ s world demands businesses improve cybersecurity measures and gain greater visibility over threats and attack surfaces , else fall prey to sophisticated and targeted attacks . The more visibility an organization has , the better equipped to detect and respond in a timely , meaningful way .
Luckily , with security of increasing importance , there are more tools and solutions available , with the likes of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) arming us with greater ability to understand our attack surface and catch threats fast .
Let ’ s first consider unknowns . The last couple of years have led to significant changes in how we work , including a massive rise in remote working , notable
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