Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 01 | Page 75

t cht lk CONCURRENT DEVSECOPS UNLOCKS AGILITY TO ACCELERATE APAC’S DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Anthony McMahon, Regional Director APAC, GitLab, and Valerie Silverthorne, Senior Content Editor, GitLab, discuss how improving collaboration across different teams can pay significant dividends. As the COVID-19 crisis escalates the focus on Digital Transformation in the region, the pressure to produce better code faster has never been more intense. An increasing number of APAC organizations choose DevSecOps to bring traditionally siloed developers, security and ops teams together and they count on continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) to speed up their software innovation cycle times. Continuous Integration (CI) is a way to tackle the always tedious and timeconsuming job of testing code and it does so in a way that does not add any extra burden to developers. Code tests and checks are automated and the results are delivered back to the developer. CI also allows developers to split tests and builds across different machines which cuts the time involved and makes multitasking possible. Continuous Deployment (CD) picks up where CI leaves off – tested and checked code can be automatically deployed to production using the CI server. Together, CI/CD represent a way to automate the most timeconsuming steps in software development and deployment. Solving universal problems in software development and deployment Virtually every company struggles with the same set of problems that CI/CD can potentially solve. “ AN INCREASING NUMBER OF APAC ORGANIZATIONS CHOOSE DEVSECOPS TO BRING TRADITIONALLY SILOED DEVELOPERS, SECURITY AND OPS TEAMS TOGETHER. INTELLIGENTCIO 75