Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 01 | Page 76

t cht lk Toolchain sprawl is pervasive – a surprising number of companies use more than 15 toolchains and that of course means time and human resources to maintain it all. An integrated out of the box CI/CD solution eliminates that problem and frees up resources for things that matter. Even in a DevOps shop it can still feel like it’s Devs vs. Ops because the priorities of the two groups are so wildly dissimilar. Devs are incentivised to create new features while Ops pros are rewarded by having a stable environment with a lot of uptime. CI/ CD can help bring those opposing forces together around a single toolchain and let And while CI/CD is often hailed as a boon to developers, it’s worth pointing out some concrete benefits to age-old Ops problems. An integrated CI/CD solution will bring automatic monitoring so error rates and infrastructure costs can suddenly be measured easily. And automated deployments free Ops pros to focus on valueadded tasks rather than waiting around for developer hand-offs. Measure success CI/CD can bring solid benefits but it’s vital to understand how to measure success or recognize under-performance. “ VIRTUALLY EVERY COMPANY STRUGGLES WITH THE SAME SET OF PROBLEMS THAT CI/CD CAN POTENTIALLY SOLVE. Anthony McMahon – Regional Director, APAC, GitLab each group do what they do best without playing the blame game. Code can also get stale while waiting around to either be tested or for devs to get energised about ‘context switching’. CI/CD can tighten that loop to minutes rather than days or weeks ensuring everyone is working as efficiently as possible. A good place to start is with cycle time. We like to think of cycle time as the period between starting work on an idea and delivering it to production or into the hands of the end-user. Your definition may vary but what matters is to compare cycle time without CI/CD to cycle time with CI/CD. Some companies report cycle times that took months now take hours with an integrated CI/CD solution. Time to value is another factor to consider because, done right, CI/CD should shorten that timeframe dramatically. Companies should also consider uptime, error rates and infrastructure costs. 76 INTELLIGENTCIO