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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO magazine for the APAC region . This month ’ s cover features Dr . Ngiam Kee Yuan , Group Chief Technology Officer at NUHS .

We take a look at how the National University Health System ( NUHS ), a leading academic health system in Singapore that attends to more than one million patients each year , has deployed TIBCO AI solutions to improve healthcare practices and outcomes , enabling clinical practitioners to make faster , more accurate diagnoses and precise treatments . Dr . Ngiam states : “ Value-driven outcomes are a core piece of our strategy to move beyond quality to value . We want to move upstream into preventive community health by incentivizing healthy patient behaviors through the use of AI and automation at scale .
“ Data centers , and hence their power consumption , will continue to grow in line with the inevitable growth of digitization and cloud adoption . However , the focus is on a strategic switch to a cleaner power source in the future while optimizing the energy usage in current and new facilities .” There ’ s much more to discover about this story on p36 .
In this month ’ s CIO Opinion , Sydney-based Ian Farquhar , Field CTO , Gigamon , tells us how in a world where the workforce has shifted significantly to a new model , embracing Zero Trust is the correct course of action .
“ Given the prominence of BYOD policies and remote working , it is essential that trust is earned rather than given freely , and all users should be considered threats until proven otherwise ,” said Farquhar .
“ Our state-of-the-art ENDEAVOUR AI platform drives smarter , better and more effective healthcare in Singapore .” You can find out more details about the project by turning to p56 .
“ In a world where the workforce has shifted significantly to a ‘ work anywhere , work anytime ’ model , embracing a Zero Trust architecture simply makes sense .” To read more turn to p44 .
Elsewhere in this month ’ s Talking Business , Hitesh Prajapati , Country Manager of Vertiv Singapore , tells us how data center operators are shifting towards sustainability to reduce their environmental impact .
“ With the undeniably critical role played by data centers in the pandemic , data centers are poised to become as necessary as critical utility services in the next couple of years ,” says Prajapati .
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Once again , I ’ d like to wish you a good month ahead and please enjoy the read !
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