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Tower enables employees to securely work from anywhere in New Zealand and Pacific Islands with Zscaler

Insurance company Tower has turned to Zscaler to ensure a seamless transition to its ‘ work from anywhere ’ model . Darren Beattie , Manager of Networks and Access at Tower , tells us : “ As a result of Zscaler ’ s security layers , which are ideal for virtual and remote workers , employees are able to work securely from anywhere without compromising the user experience .”

Tower ’ s origins go back more than 150 years . The shareholder-owned general insurer consists of 11 branches across New Zealand and eight Pacific islands , providing customers with insurance coverage for their homes , cars , valuables , businesses and more .

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and rapid growth of the work-from-anywhere trend , Tower ’ s goal was to meet the 21st century head-on with customer-focused , digital-first insurance solutions .
Secure and user-friendly access for remote workers
One of the planks of Tower ’ s digital leadership in the insurance industry is enabling its employees to work from anywhere . For Tower , ensuring secure access was of the utmost importance as the business rolls out its digital and cloud-based platform – already live in Fiji – across its other Pacific centers .
By the end of 2022 , Tower aims to be working on one core platform across all locations , more closely aligning its Pacific and New Zealand businesses .
While offering improved security , the company – a big Microsoft 365 user – also sought to ensure a better and more efficient user experience .
A solid recommendation and seamless deployment
Tower ’ s Digital Transformation is focused on building an agile and competitive business . Traditional huband-spoke networks typically can ’ t accommodate this while also preventing breaches and data loss , yet without disrupting productivity and the user experience .
It needed ‘ Zero Trust ’, a holistic approach to securing modern organizations , based on least-privilege access and the principle that no user or application should be inherently trusted . In this context , trust is
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