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FEATURE : MODERN WORKPLACE complexity of traditional secure web gateway approaches . A cloud-generation firewall provides consistent security to all users .
By moving security to a globally distributed cloud , Zscaler brings the Internet gateway closer to the user for a faster experience . Direct Internet connections to a cloud security platform ensure a fast , secure user experience .
Organizations can easily scale protection to all offices or users , regardless of location , and minimize network and appliance infrastructure . The solution sits between users and the Internet and inspects every byte of traffic inline across multiple security techniques , providing full protection from web and Internet threats .
established using user identity and policy based on business context .
Unlike legacy network security technologies that leverage firewalls , VPNs or cloud-based solutions , Zscaler delivers Zero Trust with its cloud-native Zero Trust Exchange platform . Built on proxy architecture , it securely connects users , devices and applications , using business policies over any network .
In collaboration with The Instillery Group , Tower trialled and evaluated a number of different products . Ultimately , it settled on Zscaler based on its high performance and support .
The benefit of the Zero Trust Exchange is that it delivers security at scale ; elevates the user experience ; eliminates the Internet attack surface and lateral movement of threats ; integrates seamlessly and is dynamically scalable and future ready . In Zscaler ’ s favor was the ability to add a validation and verification step to ensure secure access .
“ The initial integration of Zscaler coincided with a new desktop rollout , which meant that deployment was seamless and caused no disruption ,” said Darren Beattie , Manager of Networks and Access at Tower .
Zscaler Internet Access allows for easily scaled protection
Zscaler Internet Access delivers Security-as-a- Service from the cloud , eliminating the cost and
Zscaler Internet Access has allowed Tower to improve its cybersecurity without the cost and complexity of appliances . Additionally , it has simplified the Microsoft 365 deployment so that the company is in a better position to realize the benefits of cloud and mobility .
Cloud-generation firewall provides consistent security to all users
Zscaler Cloud Firewall , part of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform , provides firewall controls and advanced and consistent security to all users , regardless of their location , for all ports and protocols .
It enables fast and secure local Internet breakouts and because it ’ s 100 % in the cloud , there ’ s no hardware to buy , deploy or manage .
Cloud applications , including Microsoft 365 , were designed to be accessed directly via the Internet . To securely embrace cloud apps and services , and deliver a fast user experience , Internet traffic needs to be broken out locally .
The challenges of deploying stacks of security appliances in every branch or office , in addition to traditional firewalls being easily overwhelmed by cloud apps , are driving organizations to turn to SD-WAN to establish local Internet breakouts .
A critical component of Zscaler Cloud Firewall is the ability to secure local Internet breakouts without backhauling or duplicating the security appliance stack at each location .
“ Zscaler Cloud Firewall logs every session to provide visibility to all users and all locations which means we have access to the information we need , exactly when we need it ,” said Beattie .
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