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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO magazine for the APAC region . This month ’ s cover features Loretta Lynch , Managing Director of Transdev Sydney Ferries . We speak to her about how the company has successfully completed a trial using Cradlepoint 5G in-vehicle solutions to deliver reliable IP video monitoring and emergency help point services .

“ Some of our servers were around 12 years old and so it made sense to move our applications and databases to a modern , best of breed platform .
“ Tecala now has a full understanding of our operations and will continue to provide the support we require to keep everything up and running in the years ahead .” There ’ s much more to discover about this story on p61 .
“ There were two key elements of this technology that we were extremely impressed with – the 5G connection to the vessel CCTV systems , which enabled almost real-time footage review ; and the speed at which we were able to get the connection live ,” said Lynch .
The high bandwidth of the 5G solution means that when streaming footage of CCTV in real-time , the images are clear and accurate . Compared to 4G , the reliability and stability of the 5G solution has greatly reduced the effort and repeated attempts to get visibility and access to all the data , and the new solution was up and running within days . You can find out more details about the exciting project by turning to p56 .
In this month ’ s Talking Business , Aden Axen , Cloud Services Manager at Somerville , tells us the factors that used to trigger Business Continuity arrangements are no longer the biggest concern for Australian organizations .
“ Out of all cyberattack types , ransomware is seen as the most concerning or most likely to trigger Business Continuity processes ,” he tells us .
“ Even with backups to restore from , downtime caused by a ransomware infection can be prolonged ; on some estimates , the average recovery time is two-to-four weeks , and longer spells aren ’ t uncommon .” To read more about this worrying development turn to p36 .
Elsewhere , we take a look at how Opera Australia has addressed many of its IT requirements with Tecala including IT policies and procedures for the organization , the development of a backup and Disaster Recovery capability and a robust cybersecurity plan . One of the first projects to be completed was a migration from Opera Australia ’ s ageing data center into the Tecala private cloud . Rasim Ustun , ICT Manager , Opera Australia , said :
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