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Frasers Property Australia selects Juniper Networks to enhance business agility

technology with the same level of resources , while automating key network tasks , eliminating network downtime and delivering a better user experience .

Frasers Property Australia and Frasers Property Industrial in Australia has selected Juniper Networks to upgrade its network infrastructure , enhancing business agility and IT efficiency across Australia .

With a modern , AI-driven network , Frasers Property Australia has increased customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing the time to implement network changes from an average of six weeks to five minutes .
Frasers Property in Australia recognized the need to adopt an AI-driven network solution that can deploy connectivity rapidly at any location , while delivering a superior network experience .
With the rollout of Juniper ’ s AI-driven network across 35 residential and commercial properties , Frasers Property Australia can streamline operations and enable its IT team to deploy more
Prabhat Govind , IT Operations and Technology Manager , Frasers Property , said : “ The experience working with Juniper Networks has been transformative . At Frasers Property in Australia , we believe that life ’ s best experiences are created by people connecting in memorable places , and with an AI-driven network we can make good on our promise .
“ Juniper has brought the simplicity and speed of AI-driven operations and actions to our campus and branch networks , delivering superior and secure connectivity to end-users . We look forward to continue leveraging Juniper Mist AI to optimize user experiences and discover new ways to engage with visitors .”

IDC says Indian enterprises are turning to AIOps for infrastructure management

report from IDC says Indian organizations

A are turning to AIOps to help them efficiently manage infrastructure operations .

IDC says Indian organizations are using AIOps to address the challenges of modern infrastructure management in an intelligent and highly automated manner .
It states that enterprises in India are increasingly leveraging AIOps to move from a reactive to a proactive operations management stance for greater organizational resilience .
Most leading organizations are leveraging advanced AI technologies either in-house or through managed service providers .
Organizations look to improve trust and transparency levels by adopting AIOps solutions from individual managed tasks , such as troubleshooting , event correlation and anomaly detection , to resolution , remediation , closed-loop incident detection , resource orchestration and predictive fault identification .
Shouvik Nag , Senior Market Analyst , Digital Transformation Practices , IDC India , said : “ The Indian market is witnessing considerable growth in digital services . IT organizations will quickly adopt AIOps solutions to cope with the rising scale and complexity of IT infrastructure , and to meet the end-user needs of reliability and performance .
“ Organizations will apply contextualized data to create more precise , tangible estimates about the impact of an incident and do not view AIOps as an eliminator of IT roles . Instead , it will be used for improving agility , greater collaboration and better learning .”
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