Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 26 | Page 55

Advanced cloud sandbox delivers inline detection , prevention and quarantine
Zscaler Cloud Sandbox is built on the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange . The platform is based on a unique , breakthrough purpose-built proxy architecture for inline detection , prevention and quarantine for unknown attacks , including threats hiding in TLS / SSL traffic .
Driven by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , Cloud Sandbox stops patient-zero attacks with instant verdicts for common file types and automatic quarantine for high-risk unknown threats . As an integrated service in the cloud-native Zscaler platform , protections are continuously updated from more than 160 billion requests per day .
“ Cloud Sandbox provides the assurance that users are always protected , irrespective of whether they are on or off the network ,” explained Beattie .
Protecting all applications , anywhere and on any device
Not only does Zscaler deliver more than 175,000 unique security updates to the cloud every day but any threat detected in the cloud is immediately blocked . Automatic updates are far beyond what could be accomplished with appliances . Tower ’ s core insurance platform is now cloud-based , which provides an additional layer of security . The advanced web protection provided by Zscaler means that Tower can download files when necessary .
“ The biggest benefit of Zscaler has been knowing that employees are safeguarded if something goes wrong ,” said Beattie .
“ We have seen a significant reduction in malware incidents since we implemented Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange . Malware attempts are either blocked or sent off for analysis without impacting users , ensuring a continuous , seamless service .
“ Ultimately , my mantra is focused on visible service but invisible operations , which is essentially what we get from Zscaler . Essentially , as a result of Zscaler ’ s security layers , which are ideal for virtual and remote workers , employees are able to work securely from anywhere without compromising the user experience .”
Ensuring a seamless transition to work from anywhere
Setting employees up to work from home at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic – with laptops , headsets , monitors and phones was a challenge . Once that was accomplished , however , the transition to work-fromhome occurred without any interruption , largely due to the implementation of Zscaler . Tower ’ s management overhead has been dramatically reduced with automated reports which provide key insights into malware threats , saving the IT team significant time . WAN congestion is easily managed through Zscaler , which prioritizes Microsoft 365 traffic over recreational or less critical traffic . At the same time , data traffic can be directed to a localized data center .
“ Not only has Zscaler enabled a better user experience but we ’ ve also achieved efficiencies , as we ’ re now able to create a number of different security policies , all under one portal ,” said Beattie .
Establishing a supportive partnership
The support of highly qualified technical experts has been key to the successful deployment of Zscaler at Tower . “ From the outset , I ’ ve been able to ask questions and have them answered by knowledgeable experts , avoiding the aggravation of being referred to a website to troubleshoot issues ,” said Beattie . “ I ’ ve worked with a number of technology vendors in the past and I ’ ve never had the kind of relationship with them that I enjoy with Zscaler .”
Accelerating a Zero Trust journey
Part of Tower ’ s transformation process is a Zero Trust journey . Tower is considering full adoption of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange to further enhance security and user experience . “ We ’ ve extended our support agreement and there are definitely opportunities we ’ ll be considering in the future . We ’ re confident we won ’ t go wrong with Zscaler ,” said Beattie .
A first for Fiji
Tower was the first insurer to provide a digitized insurance platform in Fiji , something that had not been possible in the past . The insurance company is currently creating digital platforms for all of its Pacific island customers and is working to help educate them about cyber-awareness . p



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