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Increasing numbers of companies are creating their data-driven adoption dashboards using digital adoption platforms .
adoption platforms ( DAPs ). These solutions gather and track KPIs in order to determine the success of Digital Transformation initiatives .
The rich insights they can provide into adoption , usage and user behavior can empower senior managers to make data-driven decisions about how to maximize the impact of technology investments .
One of the most important KPIs for measuring successful adoption is how quickly new employees are onboarded and get up to speed with new software tools . This will be evident by an employee ’ s ability to navigate new applications quickly and effectively . kinds of practices across an entire organization using dozens of software systems provides actionable insights for onboarding new hires more effectively . The end result is accelerated adoption and greater employee efficiency .
Strong business leaders always care about employee experience and satisfaction , so it should therefore be measured like any other business metric . The level of employee satisfaction with a new technology will be evident by gauging employee productivity , and by tracking a reduction in the number of requests for help . Other factors to track include user retention , time spent using an application , and engagement with new features .
On-going Digital Transformation
With businesses continuing to select and deploy new technologies and tools in the workplace , digital adoption will continue to be an important issue . Without successful adoption , the full potential of Digital Transformation to help businesses become more efficient and profitable cannot be realized .
For example , the time it takes for a staff member to enter customer details into a CRM system is critical . Sales staff who don ’ t fully understand how to use the system may not be able to complete those processes due to a lack of training and understanding .
This situation could result in missing leads and setting up a pattern of new hires learning to inefficiently work outside of their technology systems . Data on these
By using solutions such as DAPs , organizations can get a clear picture of exactly how those technologies are being used and whether staff are living up to their full potential . In this way the ROI on technology investments can be as high as possible while staff satisfaction and productivity can also be improved .
The real promise of Digital Transformation will have been achieved . p
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