Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 30 | Page 55

“ The download upload feature in Tribal Submissions is really good . We can download up to 10,000 records at a time , edit those records if need be and upload them again back into Tribal Submissions without any performance problems whatsoever .”
The project implementation was quite unique as ECU was not only dealing with requirements from within its team but it also had to be compliant with the government . It involved a larger group of participants than it was used to because ECU needed to ensure that everything was done with precision and most importantly , met deadlines .




Tribal acted as the liaison between ECU and the government and was able to share specific government requirements with ECU .
Corbett said : “ The process was unique in terms of Tribal projects . There was a much larger group of participants involved . Indeed , it ’ s probably the largest group of participants we ’ ve had involved in any project .
“ We had some unique support arrangements put in place because we knew the importance of getting this project through and having it working properly and meeting deadlines . We set up what was called TCSI hyper support , where there was dedicated support provided post-project so that we had the comfort and the assurance that we were going to have the support required when we went live .
“ At the same time , we always know that if we had problems , we can pick up the phone to Tribal , send them an email , have a meeting and we ’ ve always got somebody there to talk to and provide us with support .”
It was also clear that in order to make the implementation a success a collaborative effort was required . The team needed to be informed of the many changes both from the government and also to its reporting system so that by the end of implementation , ECU could be confident in the reporting solution .
“ They went over and beyond . But the main thing was they listened to us throughout the whole project . They listened to our requirements and actually delivered a solution that suited everybody . It improved the way we do our reporting and we ’ re really happy with it .”
Since the 2021 implementation ECU has been successfully submitting data through the TCSI portal . It was the first university to get out of safe mode and report through to TCSI . In addition , it was able to bypass many of the headaches caused by not having a reliable reporting solution that other institutions were experiencing and were able to reduce the time staff were spending on reporting .
Corbett said : “ I think with a project of this magnitude , the relationship could have been easily fractured because it was always going to be difficult but Tribal , as they always have , have come to the party and never missed a deadline .
“ We were the first university to get out of safe mode , we were submitting data early , we were hearing all the nightmares from the other providers , and we weren ’ t having them . We at ECU didn ’ t require any additional resources to implement this project . For us , it was business as usual at low cost and with low impact .” p
Baroni said : “ Tribal was great from start to finish . The collaboration between Tribal was just amazing . The knowledge and information shared was just great . We really felt that we were well informed throughout the whole project . Tribal even initiated meetings with the government and the tools that Tribal provided us throughout the project were effortless .
“ The Tribal team put together knowledge forums , set up community sites and Team chats so they could easily respond to any questions the ECU team were having which they still use today . Tribal provided endless tools to help us piece together the whole process and how it worked .
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