Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 32 | Page 44

To truly keep up with the changes wrought in the cloud , we need a new regulatory philosophy .
Grant Orchard , Field CTO , Asia Pacific and Japan , HashiCorp

How to build more resilient , modern organizations as Australia prepares for changes to cyber-regulations

Grant Orchard , Field CTO , Asia Pacific and Japan , HashiCorp , tells us regulatory and compliance overhaul will help Australian companies address security dangers like ransomware – rather than waste time meeting obsolete requirements .

Following the high-profile data breaches where personal information from millions of Australian records were compromised , an amendment to the country ’ s privacy law has been introduced which will substantially increase fines for repeated or serious privacy breaches .

While toughening the penalty and incentivising greater accountability is a major step in the right direction , the regulatory overhaul will need to address compliance frameworks to help protect organizations in a dangerous , rapidly evolving world .
The regulatory disconnect
Existing regulations were put in place when companies typically ran applications on equipment in their own data centers .
Companies now leverage sophisticated public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud , which let them create and rapidly iterate and improve dynamic digital experiences . They ’ ve decommissioned many of their own data centers in favor of running their own applications in
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