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• Fan experience : Create new ways to connect and engage with NZR ’ s local and global fan base while also tapping into new technologies and platforms that enable fans to get closer to their favorite teams and players .
• Sustainability : Leverage digital solutions and capabilities that enable NZR to holistically manage its sustainability performance , while supporting NZR ’ s broader Environmental , Social and Corporate Governance ( ESG ) Strategy where needed .
Angela Nash , New Zealand Rugby Commercial ( NZRC ) Chief Information and Digital Officer , said : “ NZR is undertaking a large Digital Transformation which really needs the support and expertise of a global technology organization to help us achieve our vision of becoming the most technologically advanced rugby union in the world .
“ SAP is at the forefront of digital enablement globally and have the tools to help us build a team of experts that not only share our vision but are world class in their skills and capabilities . It is great to have them on board as our first technology partner , working with NZR across all key platforms to review , enhance and enable us to provide technology systems that ensure we are the best both on and off the field .”
Scott Russell , Executive Board Member , Customer Success , SAP , said : “ New Zealand Rugby has set an ambitious goal of becoming the most technologically advanced rugby union in the world . As the organization ’ s first-ever technology partner , SAP can help NZR meet this goal by driving Digital Transformation across all areas of the business and introducing game-changing technologies that will help NZR teams run at their best – and win .”
SAP and NZR will also place emphasis on developing additional programs and initiatives that promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion .
Through the partnership , SAP will receive various rights and benefits including branding and signage in-stadium and on-field for NZR managed matches , branding across all digital platforms , player appearances and exclusive team and player experiences .
We asked Angela Nash , New Zealand Rugby Commercial ( NZRC ) Chief Information and Digital Officer , further questions to find out more .
New Zealand Rugby ( NZR ) is undertaking a significant Digital Transformation across all areas of the business . Can you outline what the whole process involves ?
The process started several years ago with a full software and systems review , looking at what the business needed to support its strategic goals and ensuring we were setting ourselves up for the future .
Our environment is quite complex and spans four distinct technology platforms that have clear Business and Technology Owners , these platforms are known as Business , Digital , Community & High Performance Rugby .
The range of engagement we have from staff , to players , to fans means that we needed to build robust foundations for the business starting with our back-office functions and then wider encompassing data , cloud , security right through to UX and innovative trials .
In parallel to this , we needed to manage the ability for the business to cope with change , adequate training and ensure business owners were ( and are ) involved with guiding outcomes and selecting a really strong set of partners to enable and support us .
Anyone who has been part of large change programs will agree there is no quick fix and we want to make sure we do this properly and get it right for the long-term .
How will the partnership with SAP elevate the experience of NZR ’ s local and global fan base ?
We expect our local and global fans to see more choices for how they want to engage , improved user experience and generally a more modern approach to what we do and how we do it . Noting that we are in really early stages , with the immediate focus on making sure the foundations of our business are rock solid before we build new processes and innovative fan engagement channels on top of them .
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