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Why is it important for NZR to connect data across key areas of the business ?
NZR and NZRC are certainly not alone in the need to better understand and utilize their data and I think that part of all Digital Transformation journeys require a deep look at the purpose of data , why we gather it , how we gather it , store it and use it making sure we take all reasonable steps to meet all regulatory and legal obligations .
For us specifically , we want to ensure we utilize all the information we have available to provide business intelligence that informs decision making on and off the field .
A Digital Hub of SAP solutions will be used to create interconnected systems to allow NZR to leverage the power of its off-field systems and data to better support on-field teams . Can you explain more about this ?
We are very early in the process . At this stage we are working through how best to interconnect our systems and identify what this looks like in collaboration with our partners and people . We are taking a very balanced approach delivering to the varying needs of the business and getting all the right things to work together – it ’ s a big job !
What this means is that our first steps are focussed on looking at our business systems , ensuring they are fit for purpose and in place to enable us to get the basics right . This will allow us to build out new services , channels and business intelligence at an enterprise level .
About New Zealand Rugby
Founded in 1892 , New Zealand Rugby strives to inspire and unify New Zealanders through rugby . Its goal is to lead , support , grow and promote New Zealand ’ s national game , putting rugby at the heart of every community . NZR ’ s high performance system strives to promote competitions its fans love , nurture talent that can represent its Teams in Black with mana and be world leading on and off the field .
How will the partnership enable NZR to create an integrated management system to run and enhance its operations ?
We are in the early stages of our partnership and currently , we are looking across the business identifying priority areas to focus on first . Right now , that is specifically on backoffice changes such as P & C ( Success Factors ) and ESG ( Dashboard & Reporting ).
Can you elaborate on how the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors will elevate the employee experience ?
SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite will offer individualized experiences and strategic solutions for employees , including employee experience management , HR and Payroll tools , HR analytics and workforce planning . p
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