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SKT partners with Singtel to grow Metaverse business in Asia Pacific provide its experience and insights acquired from the operation of its Metaverse platform , ifland , in Korea .

SKT and Singtel will begin by discussing localization strategies for ifland in the Singaporean market . It includes developing virtual spaces of real-life places in Singapore and avatars customized to the Singaporean culture and providing them to Singaporean customers through joint marketing activities .
The two companies will also explore collaborative opportunities in areas such as quantum cryptography , or advanced data encryption , to build safer networks against emerging threats .

SK Telecom has announced a Memorandum of Understanding with

Asia ’ s leading communications technology group Singtel to jointly grow the Metaverse business in countries where Singtel operates – starting with Singapore .
Under the memorandum , Singtel will share its business and technology expertise across the Asian Pacific region and SKT will
“ This partnership will help showcase the Singtel network ’ s ultralow latency , high speed and stable connectivity which is critical to creating an optimal immersive experience in the Metaverse ,” said Anna Yip , Chief Executive Officer , Consumer , Singtel .
“ Through co-operation with Singtel , we will be expanding our Metaverse business into the Asian Pacific region ,” said Ha Min- Yong , Chief Development Officer of SKT . “ We will work closely with Singtel to create success stories for our Metaverse service in the global markets .”

Tencent Cloud to support new virtual platform Metalife

Tencent Cloud is to support Metalife , a new communication tool from Japan that can be used as an office , event venue , classroom , remote workspace and meeting room in the Metaverse .

On the platform , Tencent Cloud Media Services including Tencent Real-Time Communication ( TRTC ), along with a suite of audio and video solutions , are set to be integrated for users to realistically communicate anytime , anywhere as an avatar in the virtual world .
Tencent Cloud supports Metalife to allow users to connect in an immersive , virtual environment through its TRTC technologies , enabling enterprises to build interactive live streaming services with minimal lags , and a global endto-end latency of below 300 milliseconds .
Poshu Yeung , Senior Vice President , Tencent Cloud International , said : “ The advent of technologies that power the Metaverse , allows businesses and enterprises of all sizes and from various fields to create virtual worlds of their own , and opens doors of opportunity to widen their reach and audience-base . Tencent Cloud is pleased to have its high-quality solutions as a leading choice to assist companies and organizations like Metalife in this digitalization journey .” Kiyoshi Kondo , Chief Executive Officer , Metalife , said : “ Metalife is pleased to benefit from Tencent Cloud and its cost-effective , highly compatible and high-performing TRTC to allow our users to communicate better in the Metaverse through their avatars .”
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